Food Menu

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Flavours inspired by the Caribbean.

We believe Jerk BBQ is the tastiest way to cook food and our marinated chicken dishes that are favoured by so many guests are signature meals on the menu. Our jerk chicken is marinated for 48 hours and then sous vide for another 2 hours so we can keep the meat juicy and packed with flavour before hitting the grill to get the perfect crispy texture on the outside. Our Curry Mutton is another dish you can’t go wrong with thanks to its variety of flavours that develop as the mutton slow cooks for 6 hours. It’s then paired with rice & peas and roti. It’s an original signature dish that’s been loved by so many over the years.

Alongside our core menu and signature dishes, we have further developed our offering with the help of our flavour mama Shivi Ramatour, of Masterchef fame. From our Vegan and Vegetarian additions – Jacked Up Jerk Bowl (with jackfruit) and KFC (Krispy Fried Cauliflower), to our Christmas feasts, Shivi has added her modern twist to our Caribbean-inspired dishes, with subtle nods to many of the islands. She continues to guide us through the development of our dishes and staying true to the flavours of the Caribbean.